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Welcome to Our Full Day Preschool Information Page! 

We offer full day preschool programs for children ages 6 wks. to 4 years old. Located below are the links to our Infant, Toddler, Young Preschool and Older Preschool Programs.

Please take a moment to check them out.  If you have please contact the Progam Director or visit the Edgewood Early Childhood Center.

Registration Information is available at the Edgewood Early Childhood Center, 1826 Osage Drive, Okemos, MI 48864.  The main phone number to Community Education is (517) 706-5020. 

Linda Arens, Childcare Services Coordinator - 706-5031

Kim Burchman, Childcare Registrar - 706-5023

Deelane Camling, Infant Program Director - 706-5047

Christina Alighire, Toddler One's Program Director - 706-5049

Amanda Campbell, Toddler Two's Program Director - 706-5029

Trina Karr, Young Preschool Program Director - 706-4815

Becky Bills, Older Preschool Program Director - 706-5215

Young Preschool
Older Preschool North (Shelley Buck) and Older Preschool South (Tracy Wennberg)