Career development begins at an early age and continues throughout life.  It is a continuing process which requires careful thought and consideration.  National studies show that young persons rank "help with career planning" as one of their most important needs.  It  seems especially important in middle school.

Eighth grade students at Chippewa participate in a comprehensive career guidance unit designed to make their educational experience more relevant and meaningful.  Students take the ACT Explore test, which helps them identify areas of achievement and interests. 

Components of this program include self awareness, career exploration, and decision making.  Specific activities include the following:

·   Orientation and Rationale

·   Warm up activities

·   ACT Explore

·   Test Interpretation

·   Job Shadowing

·   Career Cruising (career search)

·   Career Speakers and Mentors

·   Career Day

·   Educational Development Plan

Educational Development Plans

Students in Okemos Public Schools learn about careers and utilize an electronic Educational Development Plan to help plan their future.

To learn more please call the Chippewa Counseling Office to get the school username and password for .  

Your child's personal EDP can be accessed with their individual username and password codes.  .