Central Office Administration
4406 N. Okemos Road, Okemos, Michigan 48864
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. M-F

Position Email Address
Ash, Catherine 5009 Superintendent catherine.ash@okemosk12.net
Frush, Rebecca 5008 Benefit Specialist rebecca.frush@okemosk12.net
Hamilton, Deb 5011 Coordinator Gifted Ed deb.hamilton@okemosk12.net
Hassenger, Lynna 5012 Dir. of Food Servicelynna.hassenger@okemosk12.net
Hood, John 5007 Assistant Superintendent for Instruction john.hood@okemosk12.net
Lee, Janet 5015 Purchasing janet.lee@okemosk12.net
Lentz, Elizabeth 5016 Director of Finance elizabeth.lentz@okemosk12.net
Meier, Cheri 5006 Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources cheri.meier@okemosk12.net
Molenda, Stacey 5003 Admin Asst to Assistant Superintendent for Instruction stacey.molenda@okemosk12.net
Pavlak, Debbie 5014 Staff Accountant debbie.pavlak@okemosk12.net
Ross, Aimee 5013 Payroll aimee.ross@okemosk12.net
Tague, Sue 5017 Sec'y to Dir. Food Serv sue.tague@okemosk12.net
Walworth, Rhianna 5002 Exec Asst  Superintendent/Bd of Ed rhianna.walworth@okemosk12.net