"Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future." -Dr. Maria Montessori

To call a staff member direct, please add the prefix "706" to their extension number (E.g., 706-5446).
Name Ext. Position Email Address
Adams, Joanna 5307 Social Worker joanna.adams@okemosk12.net
Arndt, Michelle5316ELLmichelle.arndt@okemosk12.net
Baker, Jennifer 5446 Art jennifer.baker@okemosk12.net
Baldwin, Peggy 5414 At Risk Aidepeggy.baldwin@okemosk12.net
Batora, Christine 5425 3rd - 4th Grades christine.batora@okemosk12.net
Black, Susan 5428 1st - 2nd Grades susan.black@okemosk12.net
Bozung, Alyssa 5415 CC Asst Director B/Aalyssa.bozung@okemosk12.net
Campbell, Janet 5408 CC Dir Mont Preschool Enrichment & B/A janet.campbell@okemosk12.net
Cesario, Kate 5420 Parapro (PPK-K) kate.cesario@okemosk12.net
Chance, Marsha 4770 Gifted & Talented marsha.chance@okemosk12.net
Cook, Laura 5426 Parapro laura.cook@okemosk12.net
Corbett, Jody 5428 Parapro (PPK-K) jody.corbett@okemosk12.net
Cronin, Jennifer 5446 Art jennifer.cronin@okemosk12.net
Dean, Amanda 5448 Physical Education amanda.dean@okemosk12.net
DeLong, Jamie 5454 Basic Classroom jamie.delong@okemosk12.net
Deppong, Tammy 5416 Parapro tammy.deppong@okemosk12.net
Dwyer, Meredith5352 Speech/Language Pathologist meredith dwyer@okemosk12.net
Ford, Sybil 5420 PPK-K sybil.ford@okemosk12.net
Fountain, Helen 5411 Begindergarten helen.fountain@okemosk12.net
Gibson, Kathy 5425 Parapro kathy.gibson@okemosk12.net
Giraldo, Carolina 5422 Parapro carolina.giraldo@okemosk12.net
Grettenberger, Krista 5414 At Risk Aide krista.grettenberger@okemosk12.net
Habba, Pancy 5421CC Program Asst Mont Preschool Enrichment & B/A pancy.habba@okemosk12.net
Hall, Lisa 5449 RTI Coach lisa.hall@okemosk12.net
Hallman, Sue 5401 Principal sue.hallman@okemosk12.net
Hicks, June 5253 Spec Ed Parapro june.hicks@okemosk12.net
Holmes, Connie 5253 Spec Ed Parapro connie.holmes@okemosk12.net
Hoort, Jill 5429 3rd - 4th Grades jill.hoort@okemosk12.net
Johnson, Lauri 5426 1st - 2nd Grades lauri.johnson@okemosk12.net
Kane, Sam5450 Day Custodian sam.kane@okemosk12.net
Knox, Daviet 5420Parapro daviet.knox@okemosk12.net
Krier, Rachel 5451 Resource Consultant rachel.krier@okemosk12.net
Krock, Kathryn 5253Special Ed Parapro kathryn.krock@okemosk12.net
Kurzeja, Kara 5445 General Music kara.kurzeja@okemosk12.net
LaFerier, Erin 5424 3rd - 4th Grades erin.laferier@okemosk12.net
Langdon, Nicole 4705Social Worker nicole.langdon@okemosk12.net
Langley, Sally 5418 LMC Specialist sally.langley@okemosk12.net
Larzelere, Carla 5445 General Music carla.larzelere@okemosk12.net
Lee, HeiWon 5414 At Risk Aide heiwon.lee@okemosk12.net
Lieber, Elizabeth 5416 PPK-K elizabeth.lieber@okemosk12.net
Mason, Julienne 5424 Parapro julienne.mason@okemosk12.net
Nichols, Renee 5254 Spec Ed Parapro renee.nichols@okemosk12.net
Nieland, Corey 5430 3rd - 4th Grades corey.nieland@okemosk12.net
North, Carmelita5416 Parapro carmelita.north@okemosk12.net
Paul, Kristy 5410 Food Service kristy.paul@okemosk12.net
Phillips, Jessica 5253 Basic Classroom jessica.phillips@okemosk12.net
Randle, Jamie 5254 Parapro jamie.randle@okemosk12.net
Rappuhn, Erin 5304 School Psychologist erin.rappuhn@okemosk12.net
Ream, Heidi5253 Special Ed Parapro heidi.ream@okemosk12.net
Rebeck, Paul 5421 Parapro paul.rebeck@okemosk12.net
Schlicher, Jennifer 5427 1st - 2nd Grades jennifer.schlicher@okemosk12.net
Schnepf, Mary 5424 Parapromary.schnepf@okemosk12.net
Smith, Melissa 5421PPK-Kmelissa.smith@okemosk12.net
Soper, Susan 5411Begindergarten Aide susan.soper@okemosk12.net
Storey, Sandy 5422 Parapro (PPK-K)sandy.storey@okemosk12.net
Sweet, Tori 5417 1st - 2nd Grades tori.sweet@okemosk12.net
Thrush, Cindy 5421 Parapro (PPK-K)cindy.thrush@okemosk12.net
Thrush, Karyn 5415 CC Director B/Akaryn.thrush@okemosk12.net
Varney, Vicky 5429 Paraprovicky.varney@okemosk12.net
Watters, Kathy 5430 Paraprokathy.watters@okemosk12.net
Weber, Theresa 5422 PPK-K theresa.weber@okemosk12.net
Wroblewski, Julie 5402 Administrative Assistant julie.wroblewski@okemosk12.net