Instructor:  Rebecca Schwartz

Our class is for adult learners (18+ years) whose English proficiency is at an advanced level. Participants will improve their knowledge of the language in all skill areas (listening, speaking & pronunciation, reading & vocabulary, writing & grammar).

The advanced classes help students to understand the spoken word.  Students work on a variety of topics and materials. Students also have computer time.  Topics covered include:

  • Determining the meaning of unfamiliar words in text
  • Interpreting factual materials (e.g., prose text, charts/graphs, and other visual presentations)
  • Reading authentic materials on everyday subjects
  • Interpreting and summarizing descriptions and narratives on familiar topics
  • Varing reading strategies for understanding content on unfamiliar topics or technical information
  • Distinguishing between literal and figurative language
  • Demonstrating the correct use of capitalization, punctuation and spelling (e.g., using reference materials to edit and revise)
  • Using pre-writing skills to organize and develop a paragraph
  • Write a detailed paragraph with topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusion
  • Describing a detailed procedure in writing
  • Summarizing articles on familiar topics
  • Editing and revising drafts
  • Explaining concepts/ideas in organized manner using examples or details
  • Telling anecdotal stories as a part of conversation
  • Giving detailed, multi-step directions and instructions in familiar settings
  • Use a variety of sentence patterns, new vocabulary, and high-frequency idioms in spontaneous conversation
  • Participate in social interactions using the appropriate degree of formality