Instructor Lynn Bishop

Emergent ESL class is for adult learners (18+ years) whose English proficiency is at a basic literacy level. Participants will improve their knowledge of the language in all skill areas (listening, speaking & pronunciation, reading & vocabulary, writing & grammar).  All students are pre and post tested.

The Emergent ESL classes help students to understand the spoken word.  Students work on a variety of topics and materials that align with real life issues and interests.  Materials covered are also topics that are required for the naturalization process.  Topics covered include:

  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Money
  • Answering Simple questions
  • Simple commands
  • Simple words and phrases
  • Personal information
  • Spelling
  • Time
  • Calendar
  • U.S. Culture
  • Punctuation/simple grammar
  • Writing
  • Computer Literacy