This class is for adult learners (18+ years) whose English proficiency is at a low to high intermediate level. Participants will improve their knowledge of the language in all skill areas (listening, speaking & pronunciation, reading & vocabulary, writing & grammar). Students will:

  • Learn expressions & phrases needed to effectively communicate in real life situations
  •   Engage in small and large group conversation and discussion activities
  •   Learn about American culture and history
  • Complete various writing assignments
  • Conduct cross-cultural analyses
  • Read & talk about current events in the world and the U.S.
  • Learn about perspectives & values in U.S. society

On two days (3 hours/week) students use computers to study English (software such as Rosetta Stone, English Discoveries, Side By Side, as well as bookmarked online ESL sites).

Occasionally we go on field trips to get a hands-on learning experience.