To call a staff member direct, please add the prefix "706" to their extension number (E.g., 706-4985).

Name Ext. Position Email Address
Abrams, Ashley 4975 Social Worker
Akers, Cori4922 Guidance
Atkins, Katie 4768 Math
Backus, Mike 4999 Business Ed
Basford, Elena 4977 Special Ed Parapro
Bekkering, Nancy 4910 Food Service  
Bellamy, Claire 4945 Vocal Music
Benge, Kay 4910 Food Service 
Biel, Melissa 4931 Secretary - Athletic Director
Braun, Mary 4984 Latin / Social
Brazier, Dorean 4893 Resource Consultant
Brown, Rick 4950 Day Maintenance / Pool
Buggia, Dean4955 Tech Ed
Butler, Rebecca 4948 Art
Canestraight, Karen4883 Science
Carpenter, Nita 4763 Math
Carrier, Kelly 4881 Science
Carroll, Nora4909 Resource Consultant
Chapman, Dave 4886
Chapman, Jody 4910 Food Service 
Childress, Ira4930 Athletic Director
Cironi, Allison 4796 Social
Clarizio, Julie4869 Social
Clarkin, Derm   Head Student
Cosby, Missy4765
Crites, Jennifer 4902 Administrative Asst
Crites, Lisa 4771 Math
Culling, Kevin 4946 Band
Dekatch, Chad 4791 Social Studies
 4992 Guided Study 
Delp, Steve 4903 Asst Principal
Dockus, Diane 4963 English / Language Arts
Duffield, Whitney4798 Social Studies
Eades, Melissa4905 Asst Principal
Entrican, Dawn 4977 Special Ed Parapro
Erdman, Larry 4794 Social Studies
Facione, Denise 4885 Science
Fahy, Ethan4766 Math
Farnelli, Gina 4973 English / Language Arts
Feehery, Emily 4962 English
Feldpausch, Anne 4895 Resource
Fields, Sandy 4917 LMC
Floyd, Andrew 4983 German
Foltz, Kelley  Student Supvr / Strength & Cond Ctr Supvr
Frantz, Megan 4761 Math
Freeman-Baldwin, Rachel4964 English
Funk, Trisha 4985 Spanish
Garmon, Jennifer4965 English / Language Arts
Gilchrist, Christian 4977 Special Ed Parapro
Gilchrist, Katy 4894 Resource Consultant
Green, Ken 4950 Night Supervisor
Greenlee, Carrie 4910 Food Service
Guthrie, Matthew  Student Supvr / At Risk
Gutierrez, Jose 4987 Spanish
Hancke, Rolette 4910 Food Service
Harrod, Brian 4954 Business Ed
Harrod, Lindsay4958 Life Skills
Hatcher, Pat 4977 Basic Classroom
Hawks, Brynn 4795 Social Studies
Heethuis, Kristen 4764 Math
Henry, Hannah 4923 Guidance Counselor
Hetfield, Tammy4892 Science
Hiner, Kari 4986 Spanish
Hollenback, Rachel 4942 Art
Holmes, Lisa 4967 English
Huntley, Amy 4968 English
Hursey, Tyler 4775 Math
Ives, Danielle 4793 Social Studies
Johnson, Brenda 4977 Spec Ed Parapro
Joldersma, Kelly4918 LMC Specialist
Jones, Deann 4910 Food Service  
Josephson, Beth 4924 Guidance Counselor
Kliewer, Pam 5056 Speech/Language Pathologist
Kwilinski, Marilee 4910 Food Service  
Lange, Bethany 4977 Special Ed Parapro
Letner, Denny 4910 Food Service
McJames, Margie4773 Math
McNeil, Elizabeth 4988 Spanish
Maniaci, Renee 4896 Resource Consultant
Miller, Keith 4976 Basic Classroom
Mitchell, Debby 4934 Health / PE
Mitchell, Jessica 4959 Math
Moore, Andy 4887 Science
Moore, Noel 4910 Food Service  
Olstad, John 4888 Science
Onan, Ann 4792 ELL / ESL
Ottinger, Matt 5044 Telecomm Coordinator
Palmer, Colleen4889 Science
Palmer, Paul 4935 Health / PE
Parkhurst, Christine 4910 Asst Food Service Dir
Patnoude, Mindy 4970 English
Phillips, Jane 4974 English / Resource Consultant
Pline, Russ 4772
Reed, Dawn 4972
Richter, Laura4890Science
Ross, Laura 4966 English / Language
Rozeboom, Gloria 4969 English
Sabatino, Anna 4978 School Psychologist
Samluk, Melissa 4982 French
Saros, Jason 4762 Math
Sauer, Laura 4949
Schiro, Vicki 4920 Guidance Secretary
Schoonover, Chrissy 4767 Math
Schut, Joel4947 Orchestra
Seidl, Katie 4952 Social Studies
Sermak, Christine 4901 Principal
Shah, Parul 4910 Food Service  
Shell, Terry 4910 Food Service 
Skoutelas, Christine 4899 Resource Consultant
Smith, Kimberly 4910 Food Service  
Sproul, Michael 4910 Food Service 
Stice, Mark4946 Band Director
Stow, Brenda4904 Secretary
Tandoc, Danielle 4882 Science
Thomas, Cari 4916 Secretary - Attendance
Thorsen-Martin, Kathy 4977 Spec Ed Parapro
Totte, Jodi 4799 Social Studies
Tran, Leeza 4910 Food Service  
Urban, Elly 4990 Basic Classroom
VanAlstine, Carmen 4870 French
Walton, Hedlun 4921 Guidance Counselor
Weiss, Rachel 4938 Athletic Trainer
Weldon, Denise 4926
Whitmyer, Kortney 4788 Social Studies
Williams, Brian 4891 Science
Williams, Pam 4898 Resource Consultant
Wolfe, Marie 4910 Food Service
Zinger, Chris4944 Theatre