Chemistry in the Community

This course is an alternative chemistry course that takes an environmental and social approach to standard chemistry topics.  This course is a college prep course designed to meet the needs and interests of students who are not planning science related careers.  Algebra skills are needed to be successful in this course.

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pdf File 29_Calorimetry-S.pdf
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601.24 Kb 02/24/15 Unit 3B
docx File Animation_activity_-_Karen_2015.docx
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72.37 Kb 04/14/15 Unit 4A
doc File Chemistry_Supplement_Sheet_2.doc
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219.50 Kb 08/27/14 periodic table
xls File Copy_of_periodic_table_names.xls
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38.00 Kb 08/27/14 periodic table
doc File FERP_15.doc
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181.50 Kb 05/06/15 Semester II exam review
pdf File LR_and_SH_key_2.pdf
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78.77 Kb 05/20/15 Unit 4B
doc File Pre-Lab_Report_Form1.doc
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78.50 Kb 08/27/14 pre-lab form
doc File print_Unit_3_CD.doc
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720.50 Kb 03/16/15 Unit 3 CD
doc File print_Unit_4A.doc
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140.00 Kb 03/31/15 Unit 4A
doc File print_Unit_4B_14.doc
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226.50 Kb 05/06/15 Unit 4B
doc File Unit_3_B_print_1.doc
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686.50 Kb 02/24/15 Unit 3B
doc File Unit_3_print2.doc
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1.45 MB 01/26/15 Unit 3A
doc File Unit_4_RG_B.1.doc
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35.50 Kb 05/06/15 Unit 4B