DISCLAIMER: The following flyers may be of interest to Okemos parents and students.  These events are neither sponsored by nor endorsed by Okemos Public Schools.


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pdf File 2016 Spartan Sprouts mail in registration June 13-16
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611.59 Kb 04/25/16 Flyers
pdf File 3 and 4 Grade Lacrosse
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160.80 Kb 02/04/16 Flyers
pdf File Be A Tourist In Your Own Town-June 4
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1.01 MB 05/10/16 Flyers
pdf File Chinese Summer Camp - MSU
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282.40 Kb 03/28/16 Flyers
pdf File Many Hands Volunteer Orgf
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268.86 Kb 05/11/16 Flyers
pdf File Math and Science Camp
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1.04 MB 05/03/16 Flyers
pdf File MET-MESP college savings.programs
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512.50 Kb 02/08/16 Flyers
pdf File Northfork Farm -summer programs
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186.88 Kb 04/27/16 Flyers
pdf File OHS Presents Big Fish
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353.41 Kb 03/28/16 Flyers
pdf File Spartan Engineering summer camps.
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362.37 Kb 04/14/16 Flyers
pdf File Summer Art Camp
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3.72 MB 05/18/16 Flyers
pdf File Summer Book Club
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135.85 Kb 05/10/16 Flyers
pdf File Summer Events Ingham County Parks 2016
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184.38 Kb 05/04/16 Flyers
pdf File Summer math camps at MSU
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255.27 Kb 04/15/16 Flyers
pdf File Summer Reading Skills on-line program.
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371.42 Kb 04/21/16 Flyers
jpg File Youth Sports
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42.85 Kb 05/16/16 Flyers