DISCLAIMER: The following flyers may be of interest to Okemos parents and students.  These events are neither sponsored by nor endorsed by Okemos Public Schools.


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pdf File Okemos Youth Lacrosse Information
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68.52 Kb 03/09/17
pdf File Okemos Youth Summer Track
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166.67 Kb 03/16/17
png File Boy scouts
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435.08 Kb 05/16/17
pdf File Language Summer Camps MSU 2017
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588.77 Kb 03/27/17
pdf File 2017 Spartan Sprouts registration
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605.44 Kb 03/03/17
pdf File MSU Summer Math Camps 2017
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609.36 Kb 04/10/17
pdf File Burchfield Park Nature Day Camp
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720.11 Kb 05/01/17
pdf File 2017 MSU Chinese Summer Camp.
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757.93 Kb 05/01/17
pdf File Spartan Writing Camp summer 2017
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768.53 Kb 02/27/17
pdf File Summer Horse Camp
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816.73 Kb 03/09/17
pdf File Traveling Pictorial Flyer - History of Meridian
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856.03 Kb 01/17/17
pdf File Girl Scout summer program
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1.11 MB 06/07/17
pdf File Okemos football grades 4-8.
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1.11 MB 05/18/17
pdf File Technology summer camp.
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22.65 MB 05/11/17