DISCLAIMER: The following flyers may be of interest to Okemos parents and students.  These events are neither sponsored by nor endorsed by Okemos Public Schools.


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pdf File 2016 Spaghetti Dinner
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61.60 Kb Yesterday 9:28 am
pdf File The Studio Performing Arts Center- After Ever After
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135.29 Kb 01/15/16
pdf File Impression 5 Events 2016
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138.08 Kb 02/04/16
pdf File 3 and 4_Grade Lacrosse
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160.80 Kb 02/04/16
pdf File Daisies - Cornell
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180.25 Kb 10/19/15
pdf File Hawk Island Winter 15-16
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259.86 Kb 02/04/16
pdf File 2015-16_Youth_Wrestling_Registration_Form.pdf
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506.96 Kb 12/08/15
pdf File MET-MESP college savings.programs
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512.50 Kb Yesterday 2:14 pm
pdf File Cheer Camp Flyer
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559.58 Kb 12/11/15
pdf File MVP'S MSU Women's Basketball Membership Application.
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619.92 Kb 09/17/15
pdf File Okemos Scouting-1
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677.59 Kb 09/18/15
pdf File Girl Scouts New Troop
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904.85 Kb 11/02/15
pdf File Children Language Classes - MSU
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1.93 MB 11/24/15
jpg File MVP MSU Women's Basketball.
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3.50 MB 09/16/15
pdf File Science Festival 2016
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7.30 MB 02/04/16